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10 Best Horror Anime of All Time

Sai Kardile
There are some who seek adrenaline engendered excitement through shark cage diving, canyon swings, white-water rafting, etc, while there are some other species who subject themselves to frisson by watching horror movies. Here's a list of best horror animes of all time for such adrenaline junkies.
Manga (comic books) gets most of its readership from women which has helped Manga and Anime become popular outside Japan.

Who thought those quixotically-beautiful-Caucasian-features-inspired Animes could make good bogey, hair-raising sinister creatures? Well, they do a fairly good job of changing the chemistry of your brain (with psychological elements at play) and create a creepy atmosphere with their blood-curdling story-telling.
First, the horror anime genre wouldn't really scare the bejesus out of you but will definitely creep you out with its gruesome plots, which are flecked with cute characters with seriously skewed mental make-up. So you have the traditional wraiths, demons, vampires, zombies, etc. (pretty much the same stuff that you would expect from a Hollywood horror movie) that wreak havoc and blood-bath with their baleful motives.
Given content are some spooky spectaculars that will for sure have a tighter control on you as well as scare the pants off you.

1. Ghost Hound

Ghost Hound wields a good eerie clout on viewers with its riveting psychological and paranormal elements.
The story is centered around three high school boys - Tarō, Makoto and Masayuki who are inflicted by grisly childhood events and experience unnatural phenomenon as a result of clashing of the real world and the 'Unseen World'. The downright forbidding ambiance that the makers have tried to create in this Anime series is really laudable.

2. Another

Another is a good admixture of horror, mystery, and suspense, and is based on a novel by Yukito Ayatsuji. It is contrived on a morbid premise that is linked with a deceased former student who ominously makes his presence felt by brutally killing people.
It keeps you on the tenterhooks by maintaining an air of arcaneness (it gets frustrating after a point though) and has likable characters who are, however, disposed off due to the nature of the genre.

3. Hell Girl

Are you feeling vindictive and want to avenge someone's death, humiliation or simply want to settle your score with someone who has wronged you? Then simply log onto the Hell Link website that unveils itself in the midnight and enter the name of the person who merits retribution.
A ruby-eyed protagonist (as well as antagonist) will appear and transport the person in hell. Hell Girl has good character buildup, is visually appealing (Hell Girl's twilight world especially), and meshes style with spookiness.

4. Ayakashi

Samurai Horror Tales is made up of three classic Japanese stories all of which are set against the historical samurai background. The first story, "Yotsuya Ghost Story" revolves around a treacherous husband who machinates his wife's gruesome murder; second story, "Goddess of the Dark Tower" is a forbidden love story of star-crossed..
..overs- a falconer and man-devouring princess and the third, "Goblin Cat" based on a cat monster that goes on a killing spree as part of its vendetta plan. Ayakashi maintains distinct animation style for all three stories, has strong story-telling, and gives some spine-chilling moments with its period essence.

5. Boogiepop Phantom

It wouldn't be wrong to call Boogiepop Phantom a doppelgänger of Kon Satoshi's Paranoia Agent in terms of its macabre plot. It is centered around students of a high school who are vanishing and dying mysteriously, and the one who is responsible for these creepy happenings is Boogiepop,
a mystifying androgynous voiced entity, who is believed to be death incarnate. Boogiepop Phantom is a well-conceptualized and designed anime whose close resemblance to the world we live in gives it an eerie and unsettling feel.

6. Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue is a well-wrought story that mingles horror with psychology interestingly. It is focused around a J-pop star who decides to bid adieu to her flourishing career to become a sensual actress. Many don't approve of her decision, but she, however, goes ahead with her acting aspiration and lands herself a role of a rape victim,
a role which yields devastating psychological effects on her. Perfect Blue is a masterpiece in terms of its execution, treatment, and suspense build-up. It's just plain frightening to see the protagonist's normal life transition into a maddening horror fantasy.

7. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing is an organization based in England which is committed to protecting its hoi polloi from the dark denizens of the nether world - vampires. But the organization has a powerful weapon in its arsenal, a vampire named Alucard, who works as a vampire exterminator.
Hellsing Ultimate has another character, named Seras Victoria who is a more human, and relatable in the otherwise consistent dark ambiance of the anime series. Characters in this anime series are conceited (holier-than-thou monologues attest to our claim) but they are all distinctly dark and gruesome who bring in some good action, comedy, and entertainment.

8. Pet Shop of Horrors

Count D's pet shop is an unusual place to buy pets as it has some of the very strange and exotic animals on sale. People seeking to add happiness in their despondent lives often wound up buying pet from Count D's pet shop. However, owning a pet comes with a caveat, which if not followed can result into diabolical consequences.
Pet Shop of Horrors offers a bizarre atmosphere with its mysterious menagerie and the epitome of intrigue - Count D who is fashionably seductive and very likable. Animation is less intricate yet appealing and fuses well with the plot of the series, ah and yes, there's enough butchery for gore-philes.

9. Elfen Lied

Kouta and Yuka find a red-haired girl in her bare scuds on the beach. Seeing her forlorn and confused, the two cousins take her under their wings and name her 'Nyu' (as that's the only thing she can say).
What these benevolent cousins don't know is that the girl they rescued is a mutated human with supernatural powers and has a dark ego ally that dwells within her. To begin with Elfen Lied is an interesting name for an anime, it's like one of those titles that are so snazzy to hear that one is instantly drawn towards it.
This anime coalesces various genres together - there's romance, horror, drama, comedy, and nudity (well not a genre but it has nudity all over the place). There are some disturbing and unsavory events in the anime which do seem horrid but won't make you go squeamish. Overall, Elfen Lied is a good watch.

10. Corpse Party

Corpse Party is adapted from a video game from 1990s and eclipses almost all anime candidates that feature in this list in terms of explicit violence and gore. The story is of a certain high school which is built over a hexed elementary school that was knocked down after some of its students and staff met with tragic ends
A group of high school students sit down to share ghost stories and just then an unexpected quake occurs and transports them to the sinister elementary school. The murders shown in the anime are pretty grisly and can induce nausea if you aren't used to gore of such extreme. It has a gripping storyline and is brutally uncensored.
So if you are someone who enjoys watching severed limbs, people lying in puddle of blood (gory, really), curses, whimsical creatures, ghosts, psychos, and have an acute interest in dark powers, then the above anime selection is definitely your thing.