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8 Best Action Anime Like Naruto

Sai Kardile
Well if you are someone who roots for the abnormally active and uproarious young Ninja, Naruto then, we believe you make a serious action lover. So, keeping your preferences in mind we have come up with some best action Anime like Naruto because even Naruto needs breather from ass kicking.
The idea of the Nine-tailed fox that is sealed within Naruto is taken from Japanese folklore. And according to the folklore, the Nine-tailed fox was a female demon whose chosen pursuit was that of enchanting the royalty. Quite a demon, we say.
Naruto is a likable Ninja for many reasons. His mannerisms and behavioral attitude are capable of being associative,
like annoyingly repeating his favorite catch phrase - Dattebayo when in excitement or anger; choosing to eat only his favorite food which is ramen; demonstrating behavior at times that borders on perversion (Sexy Technique) and giving crass monikers to people that are most likely to offend them.
But even Ninjas have feet of clay and we still love Naruto. Naruto has a large receptacle of chakra, which is believed to be greater than his mentor, Kakashi. He can undergo amazing transformations, the best being his Tailed Beast mode. He has gained quite a reputation for his Shadow Clone Technique using which he can make thousands of Ninja copies of himself and bowl his opponents over with many Narutos taking on them.
Just like our Naruto is gifted, there are other individuals with high levels of extra-ordinary powers. Hold on to something tight as now the winds are going to blow wild and the earth beneath you is going to tremble as we are now going to unveil some of the best action heroes like Naruto.
1. Bleach
Ichigo Kurosaki is your ordinary teenager except that he can see ghosts, monsters, and entities of similar nature. Owing to his spiritual awareness, he bumps into a Death god called Rukia Kuchiki. She is fatally injured during some spiritual spat with a Hollow and thus decides to devolve her powers to Ichigo.
Ichigo then assumes the role of a shinigami (Soul Reaper) and becomes involved in purging the world of unwanted agents. Bleach is a good action anime with supernatural theme supplemented by comic and romantic elements.
2. One Piece
Ahoy there! Imagine Naruto doing some high octane action sequence against piratical background and you will get a fair idea of One Piece. One Piece is actually the Pirate King's great treasure, which invites seekers like suitors to a beautiful and rich princess.
Enter our 17-year old protagonist and the one who is most likely to crush your lofty image of pirates in general, Monkey D. Luffy. However, you can expect some spurt of insane behavior and recklessness from him, so he is not a total loss. One Piece is a crazy adventurous expedition with equally crazy people, dark mysteries with high dose of action.
3. Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z encapsulates the adult life and challenges faced by Son Goku. Son Goku like Naruto is a fighter extraordinaire with heavy influences of martial arts. Goku is like this forever-busy warrior who has to save earth from intergalactic bad guys, invincible androids, and basically everyone trying to destroy our planet.
However, in the midst of fighting and salvaging, it is sheer surprising how Goku managed to father a son. But Gohan (Goku's son) is made of the same DNA and like his father has vowed to take on the extra terrestrial enemies. Good going for a kid.
4. Full Metal Alchemist
Edward and Alphonse, the Elric brothers lived a happy life along with their mother, Trisha. But then, tragedy struck and they lost her to a terminal disease. So the Elric brothers in a bid to resurrect their mother, practice the forbidden art of 'Human Transformation'.
But things go pear-shaped and it literally costs Edward an arm and a leg and Alphonse his entire body. Edward loses another arm while trying to secure Alphonse's soul into a suit of armor. They are then told about the Philosopher's stone, which can help them bring their bodies back. But it is not a goose play as there are many who seek the mythical stone.
5. Rurouni Kenshin
Rurouni Kenshin is a drifter who was an assassin of some repute in the Meiji restoration. But he bags out on Meiji restoration in a critical moment in the war and decides to make amends for the many murders he committed in his profession as an assassin.
Rurouni then reaches Tokyo in the 11th year of Meiji and become friends with many. But Rurouni has a dark past that won't just stop following him, so he along with his newly found friends fight enemies down.
6. Hunter X Hunter
Gon Freecss is an orphaned kid or at least he was made to believe so. It is revealed to Gon that his father, Ging, and also a great hunter is alive. As an elite hunter, his father enjoyed many privileges and could do just about anything and everything he wanted to.
So Gon becomes fixated with the idea of becoming a great hunter like his father and appears for the Hunter Examination to prove his worth. He then embarks on his own journey where he makes many friends and together they all decide to breeze through the Hunter Examination.
7. Katanagatari
Katanagatari is a story based on Yasuri Shichika, a swordsman who does not use a sword to fight! This is like East Clintwood fighting without a gun. Never mind.
So Yasuri lives on an island with his sister and heads the Kyotou school of Japanese sword martial arts. He is commissioned by a strategist called Togame to collect twelve swords of legendary powers. Together they set out on journey to locate and possess the twelve swords.
8. Claymore
Humans are harangued by shape-shifting nasty monsters called Yoma. These creatures are capable of taking appearances and memories of humans they have preyed on, so if your best friend starts slobbering on seeing you, don't think of him as bonkers as he may not be your friend but some Yoma weirdo.
So humanity's only hope is this half breed half-human and half-Yoma female warriors with Burlesque dancers inspired costumes.
The protagonist is this Yo-woman (it sounds cool actually) called Clare who feels a strong pull towards a guy named Raki. But Raki boy is being a distraction for Clare; will Clare be able to juggle as a warrior and a girlfriend? Watch the series to find out.
Let us cut some slack to Naruto, people. A lot of energy is expended in those antics and action. We hope you will enjoy the above action equivalents to Naruto. Dattebayo!