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Batman Vs. Superman Superhero Battle: Who Would Win?

Renuka Savant
As much as we're vehemently protesting a contest between DC's greatest, nay, the world's greatest superheroes, a battle was staged, all thanks to the Man of Steel sequel. Here's our version of a Batman vs. Superman duel.

Batman vs. Superman: The Epic Face-off

When it comes to deciding the outcome of a magnanimous battle such as this, it is understood that each side will bring their best to the battlefield. Let's check out what's in store.



Batman, a.k.a Bruce Wayne, is the quintessential brainy billionaire who has had to earn his superpowers through sheer force of will. Witnessing the death of his parents acts as the driving force behind his vigilante act―which in a manner explains his dogged determination to ruthlessly crush his opponents.


Superman is the epitome of the ultimate superhero―he is benevolent, righteous, and a great believer in the innate goodness of mankind―despite being a kryptonian himself. His physical powers are far too many to enlist but in a battle against the cool and calculating Batman, it is insinuated that Superman's innate goodness may just end up being his kryptonite.



With no inherent superpowers, Batman's strength is mostly cerebral. From his glitzy Batmobile to all the fancy gadgets that line his Batcave, they're all up and running courtesy Wayne Enterprises, along with Lucius Fox and Alfred Pennyworth. His level of endurance is legendary, and he absolutely owns the darkness.
His skills as an escape artist are extraordinary, seeing as he's gone to great lengths to achieve them. Basically, he's a self-made badass.


It's all in the name, isn't it? This guy is 'Super'man, for crying out loud! He's faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. And he's able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.
Everything about him is super, be it his hearing, eyesight, or his intelligence. When you keep things on paper, there's not a thing in Batman's arsenal that can actually down the mighty Superman. Except maybe, just maybe the Kryptonite ring.



Achilles had his heel, and yes, Batman too has his weakness. As much as his die-hard fans like to deny, Batman can and has been beaten.
His sassy linguistic skills, complete mastery over every martial art there is, umpteen educational qualifications, his brilliant mind, and of course, his indomitable spirit cannot overshadow the fact that he is, in the end, a human being.


As unfair as it is to pit a human against a Kryptonian, it would be a little stupid to assume that Batman won't put up a good fight. Remember, for all of Superman's superhuman abilities, Batman is still the reigning king of stealth and is known to be ruthless against those who come in his way.
The moment Supes lets his guard slip, either from the kindness in his heart or by underestimating Batsy's cerebral might, he'll be a sitting duck. Taking the fight too lightly is the only way Superman may (yes, may) lose this.


Bat fans love to cite "The Dark Knight Falls" every time this debate comes forth. But seriously, everyone knows what happens in there. Batman only manages to defeat (not kill) a significantly weakened Superman. Batman even mysteriously "dies" later, but the Superman who attends his funeral knows better.
Also, Superman historically has comprehensively crushed far more formidable villains like Gorilla Grodd without breaking a sweat. Therefore, in a show of strength, Batman just does not stand a chance. Which is what goads us to conclude...

Why have them fight at all?

These are the two superstars of the DC universe, and pitting them against one another just does not make any sense. Get them on one side, and there isn't a villain created to combat their collective strength. Which is why if there's any "Justice" waiting to "Dawn" upon us, we'd rather have these two icons looking out for each other as they always do.