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Awesome Movies to Watch when Bored

Pragya T
Bored out of your mind? Don't have anything worthwhile to do? Then here are some awesome movies that you can watch to kill some time.
So, I guess you have a cold or something and are spending most of the time in your bed? Or is it raining/snowing outside so much that you can't go out? Hmm... then how to pass the time? The best way is to just keep watching movie after movie.
This way you will keep yourself entertained and keep feeling good. Make sure you fix some popcorn or a snack in case you are planning to watch a long trilogy of movies. So, without further ado presenting to you some of the most awesome movies to watch when bored.

Mindless Action Movies

If you are an action fan, then what's best to watch other than some good mindless action movies like the Saw movie series. These movies are full of blood and gore. In these movies, a psycho villain will lock people in a room where they have to escape by letting one of the person among the group die.
Well, if you don't like these movies, then try movies which are more refined. Check out the Kill Bill movies. These movies stars Uma Thurman. She is actually wearing Bruce Lee's yellow and black striped track suit in this movie. Lee was wearing the same track suit in his last movie The Game of Death.
Well, speaking of action movies Bruce Lee's movies are great to watch too! If you like Chinese martial arts movies then check out some Jackie Chan's and Jet Li's movies too. Police Story series are great to watch.
However, stay away from the movie New Police Story, as you will doze off while watching all the boring drama in the movie..! You can also watch Chan's and Li's combination movie The Forbidden Kingdom. This is a really nice movie which is based on this century and old China.
Speaking of old china check out Kung Fu Panda animated action movies too. But, if you want to watch some cop action movies, then go for Die Hard series.

Laugh Your Brains Out Movies

Do you wish to roll on your floor while watching movies? Then go for these hilarious movies. As we were talking previously of some kung-fu movies, try watching Kung Pow: Enter the Fist. This is one of the best parody movies with really funny-weird characters. If you want American comedy then take a look at The Big Lebowski.
This is a very slow, yet funny movie starring Jeff Bridges as 'the Dude'. Some of the funniest movies I have seen star Jim Carry so check out Ace Ventura movies and Dumb and Dumber. If you want to laugh your brains out just watching some funny short movies then check out Géraldine and The Landlord.

Movies to Escape the Reality

If you are little bugged by the situation you are in, then why not escape in the fantastic world of movies which take you to a different realm altogether. Two of the best movies I watched recently, that I liked are Thor and Tron. Thor is about Thor coming from his planet to Earth where he has to 'become a man', then only he can get his godly powers back.
It's a good watch... Tron was a superb movie, and not like the usual Disney movie. In the movie the hero escapes from reality to an alternate universe which is actually based on a game designed by his father.
Check out the cool concept art they did on the bikes in the movie. Pirates of the Caribbean series latest part is getting released soon all over the world. If it has already released in your country then go and watch it.
What?! You haven't seen the previous parts of the movies, then what better time than this... If you want you can again watch the Lord of the Rings or the Harry Potter series too. Soon a prequel to LOTR called The Hobbit is going to be released that's a must watch if you liked the LOTR.

Super Weird Movies

There are some mind-freaking movies that will really make you think. However, make sure you are ready and of the right age to watch these movies. One of the most disturbing movies I have seen is Irreversible. In this movie a woman gets raped, and the movie is shown in a reverse manner. Another movie that will really disturb you is Nuit et brouillard.
This is actually a documentary of 32 minutes in which the torture on Jews during Hitler's rule is shown. One more movie which doesn't disturb but makes you think is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
This is a beautiful movie which goes like this - a guy wants to erase the memory of his ex-girlfriend, so that he can be free from the hurt of his past relationship. You can also watch Inception if you already haven't. In this movie a guy is trying to plant a concept in other persons mind by interfering the person's dreams.
So, what are you waiting for? Just play these movies one-by-one and enjoy laughing, crying and being awed by these awesome movies to watch to kill boredom. Enjoy!