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Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

Kashmira Lad
He set many a pulse racing amongst the ladies, and he caused men to emulate his perfectly, chiseled body. Arnold Schwarzenegger has enthralled audiences for decades with his action-packed movies. Here's a look at some of his movies that left a lasting impression.
"Hasta la vista, baby!" This one-liner was a rage many years back, and literally every guy who always imagined he was a stud used the line to impress ladies all around! Arnold Schwarzenegger set many trends like these, that created a major impact on the minds of the youth.
This personality has played many interesting shades of characters in a range of movies, from action to comedy. However, his fans will swear action is his forte! A bodybuilder who can play any action role with great strength and character, his movies have always left his fans asking for more.
Mention bodybuilders, and Arnold is the name that crops up in the mind. It was always believed that his movies were all about action, but he proved critics wrong by trying other genres as well. A peek into Schwarzenegger's filmography would reveal the same.

Terminator Series

From a mean machine to a helpful macho man, he's done it all. 'The Terminator', released in 1984, was a science/action film that first introduced him as the terminator who had no emotions at all. 'Terminator 2: Judgment Day', was a movie which further established him as the action hero. Released in 1991, this movie continued the same story with a time gap of 10 years. 'Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines', was released in 2003, and continued this same concept.


Released in 1987, this sci-fi film was about an extraterrestrial that terrorized people. The film had a novel concept, where the extraterrestrial used infrared imaging to locate its prey. 'Predator 2', released in 1990, was a sequel to this movie.

Conan the Barbarian

This film was released in 1982. It was considered to be the most important film in his filmography. This movie showcased his acting skills. It set a trend of fantasy and adventure films. This movie also had a sequel titled, 'Conan the Destroyer'. However, it was not as successful as the first film.

True Lies

An action-comedy film, 'True Lies' was released in 1994. This fun and entertaining film had great action sequences. The stunts, performed by him, are still etched in the minds of the viewers. The film was, therefore, the third-best grossing film of 1994.

Total Recall

This movie only further established him as a major action movie star. Released in 1990, this science fiction film had many interesting twists and turns, to glue the audience to their seats. The visual effects and Arnold's presence is what turned it into a major box office hit.

Collateral Damage

This film was released in 2002. Arnold beautifully essayed the character of Gordy Brewer out to seek revenge for the death of his family. The release of this film was delayed after the September 11 attacks. It was rumored the film was almost on the similar lines of the 9/11 tragedy; therefore, the filmmakers were extremely careful about the publicity. In all, it was an entertaining movie!

Pumping Iron

Released in 1977, this documentary film is what set Schwarzenegger on the international map. This movie served as a major boost to his career. It helped to promote his image as a professional bodybuilder and brought him in the limelight. 'Pumping Iron' is reputed to be the best movie about bodybuilding!
Apart from these movies, he wowed the audiences with 'Hercules in New York', 'Commando', 'Raw Deal', 'Kindergarten Cop', 'Last Action Hero', 'Red Sonja', etc. Once you've had a taste of any Arnold Schwarzenegger film, you would be left asking for more!
Most of his films had the right punch required, and this is probably why he has a high success ratio till date! His fans would surely be waiting for some more action from this last action hero!