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Must-try Acting Exercises

Charlie S
Here are some important acting exercises for children as well as adults. Read on to know more.
Acting exercises can help children as well as the adults to learn acting skills well. These exercises actually aim at developing all the minute skills which are essential to become a good actor. Some such exercises for character development are given below which will prove useful for you.

Useful Acting Exercises

The advantage of going to an acting school is that you get to learn how to enact different emotions under the guidance of experienced and well-trained faculty. An actor should develop good observation skills and learn to practically carry out what he has learned, to become successful. Thus, observation is the first exercise in the acting lessons.
Once you get to now how to enact a particular emotion, it is time to act yourself. Stand in front of the mirror and try to get your expressions right. Remember, acting requires a lot of hard work and you will see improvement in your performance after practicing for weeks and months.
Though many people say that actors are born, we can definitely improve our skills and become a good actor if we are consistent with our practice and efforts. You can also perform before your teacher and then later on watch your performance on the laptop.
See where you went wrong and try to avoid the mistakes in your next attempt. Try to act out the expressions such as joy, sorrow, laughter, anger, disapproval, satisfaction etc. These facial expressions, if mastered well can make your life easy as an actor.
The exercises are not just about learning facial expressions, but also learning how to deliver dialog along with facial expressions. In order to be able to deliver the dialog with expressions, you will have to learn the language first if you are not comfortable with it.
You can take help from a language expert for the same. Now, try saying the dialog giving correct facial expressions in front of the mirror. Be confident and give your best at every attempt. Learn the technique of raising as well as lowering your voice by enough practice. Try to get different actions right with the help of your coach.
The next step is to enact various scenes with your co-actors. Since you have to work with many other actors, you should have practice and ability to perform along them. Ask a few of the other students to take part in this exercise.
Now, the next step is to plan a short film with your co-actors. For the film to be a success, you need to understand your role well. Have a good discussion with the script writer as well as the director of the film and discuss all the aspects of your role.
Try practicing your dialog and get a good command over them so that you do not face any difficulty while giving live shots. At the time of shooting the film, try to gel with your co-star and build a solid working relationship with them. Rehearse the shots again and again till you deliver the perfect one which is okayed by the director.
These are some of the tips and exercises which can help you develop your acting skills. All the best!