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6 Iconic Landmarks Destroyed by Movie Monsters

Amy Hunt
We all know that Hollywood loves to destroy famous places and landmarks. But some seem to be more in favor than others. How many times has the Statue of Liberty been destroyed?! Who knows! Lets take a look at 6 films and the iconic landmarks that were destroyed in them.

The Hollywood Sign - Terminator: Salvation (2009)

Of allĀ iconic landmarks destroyed by movie monsters, the Hollywood sign sure gets its fair share of destruction. In Terminator: Salvation, Skynet set out to start a nuclear holocaust to destroy human life, but they take one of LA's most renowned icons in the process.

The Statue of Liberty - Cloverfield (2008)

What would our list be without Statue of Liberty? In Cloverfield, the head of Lady Liberty is ripped clean from her shoulders and hurled into the hysterical crowds, trying to escape Clover, a somewhat cutesy name for such a monster, don't you think?

The Golden Gate Bridge - Pacific Rim (2013)

Another iconic landmark of California, the Golden Gate Bridge is taken out in opening scenes by the Kaiju, setting the tone for the film. The bridge has been destroyed in no less than 9 films in the last 10 years!

Potter School House - The Birds (1963)

Another Californian spot (is there something in the water?), Potter School House of Bodega Bay was prime target for murderous seagulls (and other birds) in this Alfred Hitchcock classic. The stuff of nightmares, it's hard to look at a seagull and not think it will kill you.

The Millennium Bridge - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)

Moving over to London, the Death Eaters set about destroying the bridge and kill off Muggles in the process. Interestingly, the film was set in 1996 but the bridge construction didn't actually begin until 1998!

The Taj Mahal - Mars Attacks (1996)

Not a usual target for movie destruction, unfortunately Taj Mahal was unable to avoid the worldwide devastation caused by Martians in this Tim Burton comedy. Unlike other films in our list, this played for comic value, with the martians taking selfie with their handywork!